about us

Nassim, number 10

Nassim Ezzakraoui in the daily life is an actuary. Most likely you don’t know about that job and we don’t mind. Actually more than analyzing risk, what Nassim like above all is to put his football boot on and dribbling on field. He played for Besaonçon academy and realized he is not improving as much as he wants to in a football club ( there you go Nassim we don’t always have what we wants). On the other hand he realize that he learn much more playing alone or with his friends in the street. In 2013, while he is trying to get a football scholarship to play in the US he realize the lack of visibility a lot of young amateur players are facing. Bestfootball was born.

Qualities : good reader of the game, ability to speed up the game

Fonction: CEO

Jérémie, number 9

Jérémie Karege is working as a business manager for Capgemini (A French management consulting firm). He met Nassim in the US where he had a football scholarship and decided to join Nassim on Bestfootball adventure. His passion : Football. He played all over the world and despite not being a number 9 on the pitch, Jérémie is above all a number 9 in life! As any number 9 that respect its status he has one obsession, the goal! We are confident that jeremie will keep composure in front of what could be one of its most beautiful goal: Make of Bestfootball an interface recognized worldwide.

Qualities : Intuition, Quick with the ball, know how to move without the ball

Fonction : COO

Joris, number 3

Joris Hart is a graduate sudent in engineering and technical solutions for sports activities at Savoie univerisity. His main passions are paraglider, soccer and web programming ( Yes between jumping in glider playing a soccer game Joris finds time to code Bestfootball website) ! Joris is a true entrepreneur; Bestfootball is already his third project. Joris first project was already about foorball (Geo-localization and set a game between friends), he also created his own platform services (creating website for individuals). He was seduced by the Bestfootball project and the philosophy behind. He became an associate in the Bestfootball project in October 2015.

Qualities : meticulous, hard worker, team spirit

Fonction : CTO